Organize your servers

battleWarden:RCon enables you to organize all your servers in a very simple way. Adding, altering or removing server settings has never been easier. The Quick Connect feature allows you to connect to the server of your choice immediately.

Player Database

One significant feature of battleWarden:RCon is the integrated local player database which is being used to store all available information about the players on your server automatically. This can help you creating statistics as well as tracing cheaters/hackers.


battleWarden:RCon supports all ban features provided by the BattlEye interface. This includes displaying the bans you have already performed on your server (both GUID and IP bans), adding new bans and also removing them.

Ingame Chat

Sending global or private messages is also possible via the remote control tool. The newest version of battleWarden:RCon has a new revolutionary integration of the chat interaction supporting the ingame channel colors.


Being part of battleWarden:RCon EX, bW:Spy constitutes another add-in featuring trigger functionalities for advanced administration tasks. It is directly linked together with battleWarden:Script in order to give you maximum control.


battleWarden:Script is an add-in for battleWarden:RCon EX and can be considered to be and easy-to-use but yet flexible scripting system allowing you to accomplish administration tasks by creating your own scripts.