Highly Flexible

battleWarden is a highly flexible and intuitive to use remote control tool for administrators of ArmA & DayZ game servers.

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Advanced Tasks

battleWarden EX(tended) revolutionizes the way to administrate game servers among the ArmA and DayZ community by featuring a scripting system giving total control over administration tasks.

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Stunning User Interface

Featuring a simple & intuitive graphical user interface, battleWarden makes it easy for you to accomplish administration tasks.

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About battleWarden

battleWarden is a highly flexible remote control tool for the popular tactical military simulation known as ArmA and for one of its most popular addons DayZ as well. It works with both DayZ mod and DayZ SA.

What other users think

battleWarden:Ex is the most flexible rcon tool I have ever seen. It really helps us keeping our servers clean.
Great toolDwarden from Bohemia Interactive