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Triggers being part of battleWarden:Spy allows you to catch any kind of message battleWarden receives from your game server and perform a custom action. Triggers are created within the Triggers subclass in the battleWarden:Spy configuration file. To accomplish this, add a new subclass with a user-defined name (here: trigger0) as shown in the example below:

class bWSpySettings{


          class Log{




          class Triggers{


            class trigger0{


                              Pattern="logged in"






Each custom trigger subclass has 4 attributes:




Specifies the type of the messages to be catched. Values can be Log (for log messages) or Chat (for chat messages).


Specifies a regular expression for catching server messages.


Specifies a URL to call when catching a message. You can use <Base64Content> as a variable contaning the catched message encoded with Base64. This attribute can be empty.


Specifies a .wav sound file to be played when catching a message.


Specifies a path to a battleWarden script file which will be executed when catching a message. Within that script you have to define a function called Main with 1 parameter of the type string. For detailed information, see battleWarden:Script.

You can add an unlimited number of custom triggers. Please make sure that each of these triggers have an individual name (like trigger0, trigger1, ...) in order to avoid collisions.


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