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Server Log



battleWarden EX is capable of creating message logs for your game servers. In order to configure the log functionality, you need to edit the bwspysettings.ini file located in the battleWarden EX application directory. A simple text editor is suitable here. After opening the byspysettings.ini file you will notice a section that looks like the following example:

class bWSpySettings{


          class Log{





                    TimeMask="(%hh:%ii:%ss) : "



The example shows the configuration class for the log functionality called Log which can be considered to be a subclass of the bWSpySettings configuration class (for detailed information see the battleWarden:Spy section). To make battleWarden EX log server messages, you need to set Enable to 1 within the Log class as shown in the above example. You can specify a path for the log files to be created by modifying the LogPath parameter. Please make sure to finish the path string with a backslash. battleWarden EX will use the file mask specified in FileMask as a file name for the logs. The following variables can be used for the FileMask parameter:




Contains the description of the game server battleWarden EX is connected to.


Contains the current system date formatted with the mask specified in the DateMask parameter.


Contains the type of the current server message to be logged in form of a string (either Log or Chat).

The DateMask parameter specifies a mask battleWarden EX will use to format the current system date. It is used for the explained <Date> variable. When logging server messages, battleWarden EX uses a prefix for each message specifying the time. This prefix has to be specified in the TimeMask parameter containing a mask for formatting the current system time.



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