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Configuring battleWarden:Spy is simple and done using the bwspysettings.ini file located in the application directory. Although the extension of the file is ini, it is not a conventional ini file. The content of the settings file has a more complex structure and follows a descriptive syntax composing of classes, subclasses and attributes. The general content structure of the bwspysettings.ini file is as follows:

class bWSpySettings{


          class Log{

            // attributes of the Log subclass.



          class Triggers{

            // subclasses of the Triggers subclass.




The line class bWSpySettings{ marks the beginning of the base class of the whole battleWarden:Spy configuration file. It does not have any attributes but consists of both the Log and the Triggers subclasses which are responsible for the log and trigger functionality of battleWarden:Spy.

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